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Digital Gastronomy: Cooking with Computers

Updated: Mar 12

With Alexander “Zoonder” Lachnish, Arial Bezaleli Mizrahi, Moran Mizrahi, Amos Golan, Dror Cohen, Ayelet Sella, Rotem Gruber, Sharan Elran, Nir Dick, 2018

Digital Gastronomy represents a culinary vision that blends traditional cooking with new computational capabilities. We utilize existing digital fabrication tools in conventional kitchens and incorporate them into the cooking process through hybrid recipes. These hybrid recipes combine manual and digital techniques, incorporating parametric design tools into culinary practices, thus enabling chefs to customize the tastes, flavors, structures, and aesthetics of dishes.

We believe that the role of computers in the future of food systems and culinary practices will continue to expand, aiding in minimizing waste and personalizing dishes by utilizing ingredients with well-documented nutritional values, leveraging the long shelf life of dried ingredients, and providing chefs with innovative tools for creative cooking. This justifies the incorporation of computational cooking from a culinary viewpoint.

Digital gastronomy enriches cooking with new digital capabilities. Integrating computing with culinary practices allows chefs to meet individual users' needs and preferences, easily calculate the nutritional content of ingredients, precisely control cooking-related chemical reactions, and thus tailor dishes digitally to personal tastes. Our research is dedicated to exploring the integration of digital machinery and interactive software into kitchens to advance digital gastronomy. This includes developing a theoretical framework and introducing new cooking principles, enabling chefs to control how flavor patterns develop spatially within a dish.

Research papers

Mizrahi, A. B., Lachnish, A. “Zoonder”, & Zoran, A. R. (2023). Digital gastronomy testcase: A complete pipeline of robotic induced dish variations. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 31, 100625.

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Digital Gastronomy talks

HUJI Talks 2019

Munich DLD 2019

Photographs by Sivan Moloko Roshianu, Solal Fakiel


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