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Meta-Recipes: A Holistic Approach to Digital Gastronomy

עודכן: 12 במרץ

With Shimon Bezalel and Emiliano Arencibia Gonzalez, 2022

Responding to current challenges faced by our food systems, this project contributes the concept of Meta-Recipes, a generalized form of a digital recipe, which offers an interactive, computational model for personalized diets that incorporates a holistic perspective within food systems. This work draws upon an extension of Digital Gastronomy and state-of-the- art approaches in machine-learning to generate personalized recipes according to parameters of taste preferences, nutritional considerations, and dietary restrictions, while at the same time weighing environmental impact. We envision the integration of traditional cooking, as a human-centered activity, in the computational realm, enhancing manual cooking with new technological capabilities, efficiency, personalization, and sustainability within our food systems.


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