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Creative Interactions: Nature & Consciousness


This website offers a digital journey through the intersections of human-forest and human-computer interactions, enriched with ecology, design, mysticism, and consciousness.
It serves as a gateway to the convergence of nature, creativity, and technology. Celebrating cross-disciplinary exploration, this platform invites visitors to engage with works that promote harmonious living with our environment and each other through innovative creative expression.


White magic uses the universe's energies for positive purposes like healing, protection, and blessings. Its core principle is to do no harm and seek the greatest good for all involved.
ChatGPT A.I.


Exploring the connections between consciousness, technology, and nature, I blend diverse experiences to enhance our interaction with the environment and promote harmony with Earth. As the leader of the Hybrid Design Lab at Hebrew University, my journey from computer engineering and design to a PhD from MIT Media Lab has shaped my interdisciplinary approach. As a Computer Science professor, my research spans art, design, nature, human-computer interaction, crafts, and culinary arts. Currently, I am dedicated to uncovering nature's hidden dialogues, aiming to shift our perception of humanity's role in the natural world and explore the love, healing, and aesthetics from these interactions.



In this blog, I share my journey through forests and encounters with trees, blending personal reflections with insights from human-nature studies. This narrative parallels the quest for the mythical Garden of Eden, deepening our understanding of ourselves and the natural world. Through tales of wandering and observation, I highlight the beauty of landscapes and our intricate relationships with nature, exploring the co-evolution of humans and the natural world in our ever-changing environment.



"In creating, we engage in a profound dialogue with the Infinite. Each work is a vessel for healing, revealing our interconnectedness. Every encounter transcends mere interaction, becoming an Infinite experience through countless perspectives. Each glance and encounter becomes a sacred dance of divinity recognizing itself, a manifestation of consciousness in the grand theater of existence. I see you, you see me; we are one."


Dialog with ChatGPT A.I.

This gallery fuses manual craftsmanship, digital rendering, digital fabrication, nature photography, A.I. art, and hybrids, showcasing the diversity of creative exploration aimed at engaging with beauty.



"Hybrids" merge the advanced capabilities of computational technology with the depth of traditional craftsmanship. This approach dissolves the boundary between digital and artisanal worlds, blending the precision and efficiency of digital tools with the creativity and artistry of human craftsmanship. Our projects, presented here, exemplify this integration, conducted at the MIT Media Lab and the Hybrid Design Lab.

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