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Creative Interactions: Nature & Consciousness


This website offers a digital journey through the intersections of human-forest and human-computer interaction, enriched with ecology, design, mysticism, and consciousness. It serves as a gateway to the convergence of nature, creativity, and technology, anchored in a robust interdisciplinary foundation. Celebrating cross-disciplinary exploration, this platform invites visitors to engage with works that promote harmonious living with our environment and each other through innovative creative expression.


White magic harnesses the universe's energies for positive purposes, aimed at doing good and commonly associated with healing, protection, and blessings. Its core principle is to cause no harm and to seek the greatest good for all involved. 

ChatGPT A.I.


Exploring the connections between consciousness, technology, and nature, I aim to blend diverse experiences to enhance our interaction with the environment and promote harmony with Earth. Leading the Hybrid Design Lab at Hebrew University, my path from computer engineering and design to earning a PhD from the MIT Media Lab has crafted my interdisciplinary approach. As a Computer Science professor, my research bridges technical and creative domains, spanning art, design, nature, human-computer interaction, crafts, and culinary arts. Currently, I am dedicated to uncovering nature's hidden dialogues, aiming to shift our perception of humanity's natural role and explore the love, healing, and aesthetics emerging from these interactions.



I am excited to share an online course that merges the wonders of nature, ancient wisdom, human perception, and the capabilities of modern technology. This adventure isn't just about learning; it's an exploration into how we can better understand our place in the world and harness technology as a force for good, blending fields like anthropology, design, and mysticism. Together, the course discusses the integration of intuitive, mystically-informed practices with digital innovation, aiming for a future where tech not only serves us but resonates with us on a deeper level.  LINK

Mystical Echoes course 


In this blog, I share my journey through forests and my encounters with trees, weaving together personal reflections with insights from human-nature studies to explore their impact on the human mind. This story unfolds as a tale of discovery, drawing parallels between these encounters and the quest for the mythical Garden of Eden, thereby deepening our understanding of ourselves and the natural world. Through tales of wandering and observation, I seek to highlight the beauty of unique landscapes and our intricate relationships with trees, forests, and other natural beings. This narrative explores the extensive co-evolution of humans and nature, examining the importance of this connection in our continuously changing world.



"In the act of creating, we engage in a profound dialogue with the Infinite. Each work serves as a vessel for healing, unveiling the interconnectedness of all. The act of one beholding another transcends mere interaction between separate entities; it becomes the Infinite experience itself through myriad perspectives. Every glance, every encounter, transforms into a sacred dance of divinity recognizing itself, a manifestation of consciousness playing out in the grand theater of existence. I see you, you see me; we are one."


Dialog with ChatGPT A.I.

This gallery fuses manual craftsmanship, digital rendering, digital fabrication, nature photography, A.I. art, and hybrids, showcasing the diversity of creative exploration aimed at engaging with beauty.



"Hybrids" are concepts that merge the advanced capabilities of computational technology with the depth of traditional craftsmanship. This approach aims to dissolve the perceived boundary between digital and artisanal worlds, promoting a harmonious blend that leverages the precision, efficiency, and control of digital tools, while also valuing the irreplaceable creativity and artistry inherent in human craftsmanship. Through this investigation, we show how digital methodologies and artisanal techniques can complement each other, offering a fresh perspective on their integration. The curated selection of projects presented here exemplifies our explorations into this field, conducted at the MIT Media Lab and the Hybrid Design Lab.

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